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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service With Pick Up And Delivery

Why Dynasty

At Dynasty, we go above and beyond the call to assure customer satisfaction. We use the most advanced yet environmentally sound techniques and materials for your dry cleaning and laundry in order to ensure clean wholesome experience. From garments to household items we make it seamless to collect and deliver your belongings and exceed your expectations.

We love to exceed expectations

We are the next level dry cleaning service and you will love us, seriously! Just throw your laundry in our Dynasty bag (socks, shirts, underwear, towels, sheets…) and we’ll take it from there. In return, you will receive a refreshing feel of spring in a nicely packaged wash-and-fold, or shirts sharply pressed with care.

We care

You will discover that It’s the little things that make the big difference that sets us apart – whether in the voice of the staff member who is bent on brightening your day, self-healing little repairs that magically appear at no cost, or the driver who is willing to wait a little longer when you’re delayed at work or the gym.

Reasonable Rates

While we are competitive, our rates are not the cheapest because we pride ourselves on paying our staff commensurate wages to afford living in the Bay Area.

We make it easy

You can place your order in one of many ways – use our app, our website, drop off at our lockers, call us, or simply stop by, we would love to see you. We pick up and deliver free of charge.

Service & Price

The following services and prices are subject to change from time to time. In order to stay up-to-date, please refer to this page as needed.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning, as opposed to wet cleaning, uses environmentally sound solvents as opposed to water,  hence the term ‘Dry Cleaning’, to remove stubborn stains caused by oil, grease… as well as to prevent shrinkage on certain types of material. From silks to leathers, to drapes to wedding gowns, we do it all, better, and faster than anyone!

Blouse (starting) $9.85
Sweater (starting) $9.85
Jacket (starting) $12.40
Pants $11.07


Wash & Fold

Everyday laundry, washed, tumble-dried, and folded. This service does not include ironing, and is the only service that comes with a 15 lbs minimum.

Machine wash – 15lb minimum (wash, dry, and package) $3.50/lb



Shirts are washed, ironed, and delivered on hangers or folded per customer request.

Note: When packing your shirts, make sure to put them all  For Wash and Iron in a separate bag. No need to list each item as we count everything you give us.

Dress Shirt (wash, press, hang) $3.80
Dress Shirt (wash, press, fold) $4.83
Dress Shirt (wash, hand-press, hang) $7.14


Household Items

From sofa covers to duvets, to cushion covers to draperies to tablecloths to runners, all items are professionally cleaned and delivered pressed, folded/hung according to the type and customer requests. All materials used for cleaning are vetted for their effects on the environment, the health of our clients, and the wellbeing of our staff.

Sofa Cover (starting at) $55.00
Cushion Cover (starting at) $23.00
Draperies (per pleat) $3.85
Draperies Lined (per pleat) $4.95
Tablecloth (linear foot) $4.40
Tablecloth Fancy (linear foot) $5.40
Runner (starting at) $20.00


Bed Linen & Cover

From bed linen to comforter to bedspread to mattress pads to blankets, these items are professionally cleaned, pressed depending on the type, and folded/hung per customer requests. All materials used for cleaning are vetted for their effects on the environment, the health of our clients, and the wellbeing of our staff.

Sheets (flat & fitted) $10.20
Pillow Cases $5.40
Comforter (starting) $50.07
Down Comforter (starting) $58.47
Bedspread (starting) $34.00
Blanket (starting) $27.00
Mattress Cover (wash, press, hang) $30.80


Shoe Repair

From dress shoes to pumps to comfort shoes to sandals to cowboy boots to construction boots, there is hardly any footwear we cannot fix. In addition, we repair purses, belts, luggage, backpacks, and sporting equipment.

Shoe repair (contact us for pricing)


Wedding Dress

From Ball Gown to Mermaid to A-Line to Tea-length to Fit-and-Flare to Column to Trumpet, our specialists will thoroughly inspect and care for your dress and any special requirements you may have. Every stain/blemish will be carefully investigated, removed, repaired, and dry cleaned to your satisfaction. Following stringent quality control, your gown will be wrapped in acid-free tissue and carefully folded in a box if required by the customer (additional charges may apply).

Wedding Dress (cleaning) (starting) $285.00
Wedding Dress (restoration) (starting) $325.00



Our experienced seamstresses are very knowledgeable, fast, and well equipped for an array of tailoring needs. They are efficient and go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent service. Your alterations will be conducted and finished to look the same as the professional standards you would expect in a new garment just purchased. We offer a range of different services including trouser, dress, skirt, suit, and jacket alterations with standard alterations requiring a minimum of 48 hours depending on the scope of work.

Alterations (contact us for pricing)


Leather, Fur & Suede


Cleaning Leather, Fur, and Suede goods often are significantly more complex and require additional resources compared to those that are made of fabric. Rest assured, your prized possessions will remain in good care at our affiliate facilities with specialized equipment and extensive knowledge that spans 4 decades. We can handle just about anything that comes our way.

Leather / Suede Jacket $65.00
Leather / Suede Pants $70.00
Leather / Suede Skirt  $70.00
Leather / Suede Coat $85.00
Fur Inquire


Area Rug

From Oriental to Kilims, to Hand-loomed, to synthetic, to runners, to door-mats, we clean your rugs from stains, dirt, as well as dust-mites and other undesirable impediments giving homes a fresh scent and clean presence.

Area Rug (cleaning / deodorizing) $3.95/sq-ft
Sheep Skin (starting) $65.00


Client Testimonials

I have used Dynasty Cleaners for a few years and they far exceeded my expectations! I brought in a few special items that I couldn’t clean on my own and I was impressed with Esmeralda’s ability to make the process easy. The prices are reasonable and best of all they were able to restore my clothing. I plan highly recommend Dynasty Cleaners. They’ll save you money, time, and you will leave happy.

Jennifer P

Dynasty Cleaners truly believes in quality and service. Erika and her team set up a pickup and delivery service that they come once a week and save me the hassle of driving to the cleaners, the frustration of parking, and trying to bribe my kids to make yet another stop. They took this off my plate and come to my door rain or shine. Best of all it is a free service! Thanks, Dynast…

Anne G

A good friend recommended Dynasty Cleaners to me. Said they were the best on the Peninsula – I was skeptical because of the numerous times I have been to the cleaners and had the same stain on my shirt as when I dropped it off. Not here – I am in and out in seconds – Esmeralda knows my name and sometimes has my order ready before I get out of the car. A very pleasant experience all around. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Peter F

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